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The KAD K7 Loudspeaker system is available NOW, inquiries at info.kadaudio@gmail.com

Kaempfer Audio Design (KAD) was founded in 2019 after having spend 3+ decades in the high tech Telecom engineering and business development.
I started as product development engineer at the R&D department of Philips Telecom Industries in Holland around 1982. Our team designed/developed all sorts of equipment for Telecom Networks that were sold worldwide. My first project fresh out of school was a new design of a PLL based high speed digital clock/data recovery circuit for Philips’ first optical network transmission system running at 565 Mbit/s. Clock/Data recovery is one of the most essential functions in digital signal processing chains, tasked to recognize and restore each and every individual bit in the received transmission stream, and ultimately responsible for the amount of jitter related errors produced in subsequent digital to analogue conversion (jitter is a digital related timing anomaly that causes noise in analogue signals).

It was at AT&T Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies where I learned about professional requirements and product reliability for the optical backbone of Telecom Networks that must be operational 24/7 at a lifespan of 15 years minimum. Unbelievable low failure rates were demanded in those days. One of the reasons was that Telecom Networks before “the Internet” were predominantly carrying circuit switched voice traffic, which was highly susceptible for network and switching failures. Today we have packet based voice (in fact anything) over IP, and customer demand for quality may have dropped already since the introduction of the first cell phone, when connectivity was deemed more important than the actual voice quality itself.

I developed a fascination for technology of all sorts especially the hardware side of it, and working at Intel Corporation for the last 12 years, I discovered the computing and software side of things. It was this major project I started working on that proved transformational for the Telecom Industry when we proposed to use standard computing and storage technologies as a revolutionary way of building cheaper Telecom and Internet infrastructures. The first Software Defined Networks were demonstrated and all sorts of Network Functions are successfully running in software on standard computers, then servers and later even data center based Telco clouds. 


I guess, my passion for music and my fascination to build stuff that tries to reproduce the purity of sound, originates from my early years growing up, with a loving mother studying 6 hours per day as a concert pianist, a father building model replicas of 17th century tall ships and a sister playing the violin. After spending my teen years on experimenting with various loudspeaker designs, amplifiers and electronics of all sorts, I was destined to take on a technical study. But I didn’t have a chance to join the audio industry when I started my professional career in the early eighties, in fact you could say I had to pause my ambitions for nearly 40 years or so.

Now I am back and more ambitious than ever, developing high resolution digital active loudspeaker and streaming systems under a brand new name KAD Audio, and the K7 loudspeaker system is the first innovative result of accumulated knowledge and understanding what it takes to reproduce the purity of music. 

KAD Audio, Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen