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Front side view of the KAD K7 loudspeaker

The KAD K7

The KAD K7 Loudspeaker system is available NOW, inquiries at info.kadaudio@gmail.com

The new KAD K7 is a floor-standing active speaker system with unique features and acoustical performance. The K7 unites a multitude of technologies, and has become the perfect mix of world-class manufacturing, electronic design and acoustic principles. The new KAD K7 might just be the best price/performance digital loudspeaker build for use in your home to date. This highly optimized loudspeaker provides you with full spectrum clarity, imaging and sound staging as can only be found with truly high-end systems. The new KAD K7 features a modern functional design, a variety of control settings, and regardless of its placement, the room you're listening in the K7 will always give you a mind-blowing music experience.


The new KAD K7 is designed to fit all living rooms and can be placed where ever you want, free standing, or backed up against the front wall as close as 10-15 cm. The K7's cardioid-like radiating low frequency design will provide you in all cases with a clear, impactfull and uncompromising bass response down to 20 Hz easily. The design of the mid and high frequency section is symmetrical and placed in an MTM configuration (d'Appolito) to obtain full directivity control in the essential mid-range/voice spectrum. The applied DXT® Tweeter provides wide dispersion control and extended off-axis response. 
With its bespoke Digital filter design, the K7 is able to deliver a wide polar response in the horizontal listening plane, whilst actively avoiding "lobing" of the vertical polar radiation pattern.
Accommodating a 4 channel high performance 32 bit DSP, a 4 channel 32 bit Digital Analogue Converter (DAC) and 4 channels of Ncore® class-D amplification (total Power 850W <1% THD) the K7 is ready to take on any music style in any listening environment. Are you ready?




Rear side view of the KAD K7 loudspeaker

Available end of 2020 (including WiSA support), inquiries at info.kadaudio@gmail.com